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Site Council

At El Carmelo, Site Council members include parents, teachers and the Principal.  The Site Council's focus is on teaching and learning and provides direction to and oversees the implementation of the Single Plan for Student Achievement, also referred to as the School Plan or Site Plan.  In addition, the Site Council oversees the School Improvement and Title I budgets, the school safety plan, analyzes testing results and monitors school climate.

Site Council meets the last Tuesday of each month from 3:15-4:45 PM in the Library.


  1. Pawan Grewal, Classroom teacher
  2. Daniel Mendez, Classroom teacher
  3. Sakina Jafri, Classroom teacher
  4. Marie Vida, Parent or Community member
  5. Nallely Gomez, Parent or Community member
  6. Alberta Tete-Lartey, Parent or Community member
  7. Danaé Reynolds, Principal