Programs & Specialists

We are a "three-strand, K-5 school", meaning that we have 3 classrooms each in 6 grade levels from Kindergarten through 5th grade. These eighteen classrooms are the core of our instructional program, but in addition to the general education programs we have programs that enrich the curriculum and specialists that support student learning:

Library & Media - Marilyn Nishio and Julie Griffin

Physical Education - Ken Bunton, Scott Benson, Jon Kessler, and Allison Mullins

Music - Jessica Denny, Grades K-4. Susan Macy, Keith Hunter, Allison Zenner, Tracey Mumford, Kris Rubenis, Grade 5

Spectra Art - Lisa Fremont, Jane Moorman

Junior Museum Science - Staff                  

Academic Resource - Iris Clifford

Reading Specialist - Maria Mathia

English Language Learners - Shirley Jou

Speech Therapist - Grace Lee

School Psychologist - Marci Hakeman

Counselor - Emily Tahamont