Traffic Safety

Walk and Bike Map

Safe Routes to School is an international movement to make it safe, convenient, and fun for children to bicycle and walk to school.

Safe Routes to School maps show recommended walk and bike routes El Carmelo. Choosing when and how to commute to El Carmelo car-free is each family's decision based upon their circumstances and capabilities. The Safe Routes maps are a tool for planning your family's trip every morning and after school. Click here for the El Carmelo suggested routes map.

For more information on the PAUSD Safe Routes to School program, click here

Before School

  • Students should not arrive before 8:00 am. Yard supervision is not provided for students before school.  Parents should use their discretion about dropping children off unsupervised.
  • The school bell will ring 5 minutes before class begins to signal that it's time for students to go to their classroom.

For arrivals and pick-ups at El Carmelo

Remember, it only takes a few extra seconds to make drop-off and pick-up safer for everyone! To maintain a safe environment during drop off and pick up, please adhere to the following:

  1. Drive clockwise around the school for drop off and pick up.  (It is illegal to pull in and stop on the wrong side of the street.)
  2. Absolutely NO U-TURNS near the school
  3. not walk between idling or creeping vehicles to reach the curb.
  4.  If red "loading & unloading" curb space is occupied by vehicles, exit lot cautiously in the "keep clear" lane and loop around until curb space becomes less congested.
  5.  Pull all the way over to the red loading & unloading zone curb before allowing your child to get out of the car.
  6. Load and unload on the right side of the car only.
  7. Cross only at the crosswalks, not in the middle of the block – it’s good exercise to walk the extra few feet to cross at the crosswalk.
  8. Areas of the parking lot marked "bus zone", "staff", "handicapped" are to be used for those purposes only